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February 4th, 2002

Dr. Castwell
By James Castwell

It is with great pride and full awareness of my own self-worthiness that I announce a new feature here on FAOL. Namely, the introduction of a new rank of 'Fly-Casting Instructor.' It is the status of;


Now, there are, and have been, a few others offering fly-casting instruction but, they are new-comers and just can't toe the mark like we can here at good 'ol F.A.O.L. The instructive course is intense, and notwithstanding the lacerations from the instructor, a highly rewarding goal for all those eagerly awaiting it's attainment.

The cost is minimal, paltry in my humble opinion even, for such a great (actually fantastic comes closer) education. Not only will the students learn how to cast as well as that great 'Fly-Casting Champion' himself, 'James Castwell,' but they will learn the intricacies (all the little fine points) of all of his 'proprietary' teaching 'secrets' too!

He will distill his 55 world-renown years (he didn't start until he was 12) of fly casting and teaching wisdom into a grueling, excruciating and concise one hour of beatings, yelling and screaming instruction. For a mere $500 bucks (cash, no checks) plus one measly buck a week for the remainder of the years you use his fly-fishing methods, you too can be an 'Expert!' A DOCTOR OF FLY-CASTING TEACHING.

Be the first in your club to show off the snappy arm patch, decoder ring and emergency whistle. Join today.

But wait! If you send in your deposit while you are reading this there is even more! Yes, you too can quickly and (somewhat) painlessly become a "FLY-CASTING DOCTOR OF TEACHING" for only fifty percent of the full tuition (cash, no checks) into today's mail you will receive a autographed portrait of, "CASTWELL, THE GREAT' performing his famous, 'Tear-yer-jock' triple haul. A thing of beauty for all to behold, Hurry, don't wait! Let the great J CASTWELL, turn your crummy, ineffective rod-wavings into a thing of which to marvel. Become a "DOCTOR OF TEACHING FLYCASTER!" Do it today!

(If time, financial constraints and just a modicum of decent common sense do not allow for this 'Super' instruction, please take your favorite fly rod out to your favorite stream and learn like the rest of us did; for God's sake, it's only fly-fishing! And learning is at least half of the fun, perhaps even more.) ~ JC

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