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December 10th, 2001

Love? Fishing? Love?
By Don Cianca, Butte, Montana

The lives of humans are filled with many complexities (in case you had not noticed). When fishing competes with love or love competes with fishing, it does indeed become a complex situation.

Fishing was an almost constant subject in our home conversations. Especially when there was a family gathering. Dad was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and spent much of his youth either in the woods or fishing a stream. The depressed economy there in the 1920's found the entire family moving to Chicago where there was a better opportunity to make a living. Once he reached his twenties, dad married. Having a family of his own, priorities were dictated by his responsibilities. Although the subject of fishing continued in conversations, actually getting out to fish seldom took place.

I was influenced by all those discussions that concerned fishing. In fact, growing up to me meant being able to go fishing. Dad spent time teaching me to use a casting rod and reel. As the teen years began their overwhelming influence on me and my disposition, getting out to fish on my own was getting easier. City life did not lend itself to experiences like my dads. There was no nearby stream where Brookies could test my abilities, and at the time, Lake Michigan had little to offer any fisherman.

The teen years and high school found me with distractions. Fishing certainly never left my mind, but it was easier to play baseball than to try to find a place I could fish. Then, another "distraction" entered my life. . .GIRLS! If at one time I thought fishing occupied every corner of my brain, it was nothing compared to the effect of the opposite sex. (Does it sound familiar? ) During that time I met and fell in love with the girl who eventually became my wife. I suppose that like most romances, it had its share of difficulties. We "went steady," as was the lingo of the times, through my senior year. As it became obvious that we were serious about one another, the superior female brain generated the question; "Is this really love?" Well, although there were no doubts in my mind, an agreement was made. We would each date someone else to make sure it was the real thing.

My wife did indeed date someone else during our trial separation and I had competition where she was concerned. There was a chance that I would be the loser in this competition since a good looking college girl has no trouble turning heads. On the other hand, I could very well find myself in a situation where she no longer "was the one."

Since my mind was already made up, I didn't have to date anyone else to be sure. Instead, I made plans to head to Minnesota to fish for a week. To date, fishing has been the only competition my wife has had since we first met. January 2001, we celebrated our 45th Wedding Anniversary and for the last thirty plus years we have been living in Montana.

You bet I'll agree that I'm lucky. Because I have both love, AND fishing! ~ Uncle Don,

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