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July 30th, 2001

A Boost

Sometimes I need a boost, today I got one. Funny, if I thought I needed one and went looking, I probably couldn't find one. They're never where I think they should be. Like the time my wife and I drove an hour to our favorite trout stream and found the 'wrong' insect hatching. We were mentally geared for a certain one and it was not coming off, another was instead. I got a boost that evening.

We did not fish, but sat side-by-side and watched the bugs hatch and the trout feed. It was a wonderful experience and did not need to be disturbed. I got a boost from that. Those things just happen, you can't plan them, if you try, they won't work. Boosts come all by themselves.

The day, years ago, when I fished all afternoon with a broken hook on my fly. Got all kinds of hits but no fish. Days like that do not go unremembered, recalling them is a good thing.

I often find fly fishing a good place to have these mini-miracles take place. Do enough of it and you'll likely find yours too. I think we all do, perhaps that is one of the reasons we anticipate our next outings so much. Like the brook trout that jumped high and broke me off on the last day of the season, that image is burned in my memory like a brand. I had to wait all winter to even try for him the following year. The vision strengthened to the point I had to peruse a catalog and purchase a new cane rod for the occasion. Those kind of things are good for me too.

One of Castwell's hummers But, today. Today I was not on the stream. I was getting ready for it though. My mind was jammed with all the trivia of the Fish-In and what we would need for our week in New York. It was raining out and I was watching my hummingbird feeder, actually I was considering fastening a small umbrella to it so the little guys could feed and not get soaked. I am not a 'birder,' but do have several feeders and take care of the 'hummers' too.

Next to my 'hummer-feeder' is a tomato cage. On the top of which was, a 'hummer.' Taking a bath! In the rain! He loved it. Now there's smarts for you. I was worried he would get soaked; he welcomed it. For several minutes he wiggled and buzzed his wings and waggled his tail and fluffed his feathers.

I watched his whole ritual with a sense of admiration. I bet he was thinking, "Hey neat, it's raining, guess I will take a bath." Kind of like the old saying, "If you get lemons, make lemonade." As I mulled over my troubles and problems, I considered his attitude. How I wish I had his common sense and wisdom and attitude.

The rest of my day went better and I suppose his did too. I don't worry now about a umbrella for the feeder now, neither does he. It's nice to know I have clean birds too. ~ J . Castwell

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