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July 2nd, 2001

Experience . . .

By Ed Zern

I recall one day on the Brodheads, when I worked for an hour trying to put my dry fly over a rising fish. It was a long cast, and a tricky current kept dragging the fly out of the tiny eddy where the trout was feeding. Also, there was no room for a back cast, and I lost several precious fanwings in the trees that crowded the bank. When an elderly angler came by, I suggested he havea try at the inaccessible brownie. The stranger stepped into the stream, made a few false casts, and dropped a Pink Lady on the trout's nose. When he had netted the fish and released it, I asked him if there wasn't some secret to his success.

"There is indeed," he said.

"Would you mind telling me that secret?" I said.

Of course not," he said. "It's really too simple for words."

"What it is?" I said.

"Just fish for fifty years," he said. ~ Ed Zern

Credit: From To Hell With Fishing published by D.Appleton - Century Company.

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