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Hand Tied,
each representative of
the Original Fly
is wire mounted,
shadow box framed
and includes
the accurate history
of the fly.

From craftsman tyer and artist
Mike Croft

Height = 12 inches
Width = 8 inches

Price = $85 (US)
Shipping Extra

the Coachman
circa 1875

Created by Tom Bosworth, carriage driver to Queen Victoria. Driving a two or four horse team made "Old Tom" a master with the buggy whip. A favorite trick of his was too snap the pipe from the mouth of pedestrians, with his whip, as the carriage passed. This skill with the whip translated perfectly when applied to the fly rod. His skill was legendary in Nineteenth Century England. For night fishing he developed this fly which has served as a dependable standard right up to present times. The Royal Coachman was not an Old Tom fly but a reinforced version of the coachman by John Haily.




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