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Hand Tied,
each representative of
the Original Fly
is wire mounted,
shadow box framed
and includes
the accurate history
of the fly.

From craftsman tyer and artist
Mike Croft

Height = 12 inches
Width = 8 inches

Price = $85 (US)
Shipping Extra

the Maid of the Mill

A Mr. L.O. Lownsdale of Portland Ore. is credited for producing this pattern. This is first known Summer Steel head pattern fashioned from local Northwest materials.

In a letter from 1889 he complains that the "encroachment of civilization" has robbed the Northwest of its good fishing. Some complaints never seem to change. To get away from the crowds he would hire a mule packer and hike to Tillamook Bay, fishing as he went. This fishing trip would last for three months.


Maid of the Mill

Maid of the Mill

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