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Hand Tied,
each representative of
the Original Fly
is wire mounted,
shadow box framed
and includes
the accurate history
of the fly.

From craftsman tyer and artist
Mike Croft

Height = 12 inches
Width = 8 inches

Price = $85 (US)
Shipping Extra

the Royal Coachman

The Royal Coachman was first tied in New York city by a fly dresser named John Haily. The red floss body was developed to strengthen an older pattern called the Coachman. This was done because the teeth of the Brook Trout in Upstate Maine were too hard on the Standard Coachman. It was labeled "Royal", as it reminded people of the British Red Coats. This name was suggested by Charles Orvis's brother. Charles Orvis went on to found the famous fly fishing company that bears his name. The fly here is tied per the original John Haily pattern.



Royal Coachman

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