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Tom Deschaine - Feb 24, 2014

Clarence Roberts, the creator of this fly is no stranger to this site. Clarence was a famous fly tyer and game warden from Grayling, Michigan back in the 50s and 60s. Several articles have been written about him, and several of his fly patterns have also appeared on this site. Today I give you a relatively unknown pattern that he created



FOTW - Robert's yellow mayLay in a good base of thread. Wrap the thread to the rear of the hook and then tie in your pheasant tail fibers for the tail. 


FOTW - Robert's yellow mayRun your thread forward and tie in the deer hair wing, post style. Use a figure eight wrap to secure the post. Then, return your thread to the bend of the hook shank.


FOTW - Robert's yellow mayTie in several strands of floss at the bend of the hook. Run your thread forward.


FOTW - Robert's yellow mayRun your floss forward securing it at the eye of the hook with your thread.


FOTW - Robert's yellow mayTie in you ginger dry fly hackle.


FOTW - Robert's yellow mayWrap in your hackle fiber, parachute style and secure it with thread. Be generous with head cement.


This fly was most probably developed for the 'dorothea' hatch but can most likely be used any time there are light insects on the water. This fly is not typical of those that were tied by Clarence Roberts. The pattern is sound but if I were tying it today I think I would use a 'poly' yarn rather then the floss. Historically, it a beautiful pattern.

See you on the water…..

Tom Deschaine

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