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Rick Zieger - Sep 9, 2013

I was at the vice on a rainy day and with no fishing available my mind went to a strange place and this is what came out. Bluegill, crappie and bass have taken these flies. 



FOTW - Spezio
Step 1 - Place bead on hook and tie on embroidery floss down the shank. This helps hold the rubber legs in place.

FOTW - Spezio
Step 2 - Rotate vice to face you. Take black, top color, and make a loop on the left side of the shank, and then place then end of the floss over top of hook shank. Take red floss, bottom color, over top of black that is over the hook shank. Then under the hook shank and up through the loop formed in the black floss.

FOTW - Spezio
Step 3 - Run rubber legs through both loops. Then pull the floss tight while alternately pulling rubber legs down.

Step five. - Repeat step 2. No rubber legs.

Step six - Repeat step 4.

Step 7 - Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 8 - Repeat step 4

Step 8 - Repeat step 5

Step 9 - Repeat step 4

Step 10 - Repeat  steps 2 and 3.
This gives three sets of legs pointed down.

FOTW - Spezio
Step 11 - Tie off. Trim legs to length wanted. This one is a different color combination to show variations that can be done.

Step 12 - Coat top with finger nail polish to help durability.

A couple of variations can be done.

FOTW - Spezio
With single wing.

FOTW - Spezio
With double wing

FOTW - Spezio
This can also be done much larger.

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