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Ronnie McKee - Jul 1, 2013


Hook: GC200R size 12
Thread: UNI 8/0 black
Tail: orange biots
Body: rabbit w/antron tan
Rib: copper wire
Thorax: Az simi-seal dub black
Wing: Teal Flank
Eye: Copper Hourglass 3mm
UV goo


copper nymph
Lay down a base of thread then tie in the biots for the tail and tie in the copper wire.

copper nymph
Tie in the copper hourglass eye 1/4'' behind the hook eye.

copper nymph
Using the rabbit dubbing, dub the body starting at the tail working up to behind the hourglass eye, the using the copper wire make a rib around the body to the hourglass eye and tie off the wire.

copper nymph
Use 10 or so fibers from the Teal Flank and tie in face up behind the hourglass eye.

copper nymph
Fold the flank fibers over the hourglass eye and tie off at the hook eye.

copper nymph
Using the AZ simi-seal dub build the thorax right behind the hourglass eye with 4 wraps of the dubbing.

copper nymph
Pull the Teal flank fibers back over the hourglass eye and make two wraps over the flank with the dubbing. Finish tying off the thread at the hook eye and seal the thread. Place a drop of UV goo at the hourglass eye to cover the Teal Flank and cure.

copper nymph
Using a Velcro brush, brush out the rabbit dub body to finish the fly

copper nymph
I hope you enjoy using this fly.

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