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Tom Deschaine- May 20, 2013

This pattern was authored by Ann Schweigert of Roscommon, Michigan. The pattern is a variation of the Madsen Skunk developed by Earl Madsen sometime between 1930-1950. The fly should be fished down and across, stripping the line in short, jerky movements. It most likely taken as a hopper pattern. It is also fished after dark as an attractor pattern.



FOTW Woodchuck skunkLay in a good base of thread then tie in your tail of woodchuck guard hairs.  Tail should be tied short. The use of a hair stacker is optional. Once you have secured the tail, run your thread to midway along the shank.


FOTW Woodchuck skunkTie in your rubber legs in an x-pattern.  You may move them slightly forward or rearward of the center of the shank if you desire.  You also have the option of tying in the legs either above or below the hook shank.


FOTW Woodchuck skunkSecure your medium body chenille at the rear of the hook shank and wrap it forward, through the legs up to the throat of the hook.  Secure the material with your thread.


FOTW Woodchuck skunkTie in you woodchuck wing, down wing, over the back, caddis style.  Again, the use of a hair stacker is optional.  The tail should extend just beyond the bend of the hook. Secure with thread.


FOTW Woodchuck skunkSelect and secure one or two brown hackle fibers, depending on how heavy you like your hackle.  Wrap your hackle and secure it with thread.  On this pattern be very liberal with your use of head cement.


Ann and her husband owned a fly shop in Roscommon, Michigan. She was the shop tyer from 1949 till her retirement in 1978. Most of her original flies or variations were created during the late 40s or 50s. Even though this fly is not found in the local fly shops anymore, it is still a favorite with those who tie their own. I still carry a few and find them good producers just as the hopper season is about to come to a close.


See you on the water…..

Tom Deschaine
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