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Thomas Snyder - Jul 30, 2012


FOTW - Wasp pattern

FOTW - Wasp pattern
1. Start thread and Wrap to point of hook.

FOTW - Wasp pattern
2. Dub a thorax.

FOTW - Wasp pattern
3. Tie in both wing tips.

FOTW - Wasp pattern
4. Clip off excess hackle and prepare a hackle for a Parachute.

FOTW - Wasp pattern
5. Tie in Brown Hackle and add more on the Thorax.

FOTW - Wasp pattern
6. Wrap Hackle around body a few times, then wrap parachute style a few times, then wrap in front of the parachute, clip, and push hackle back.

FOTW - Wasp pattern
7. Make head, whip finish and you're done!

To fish you dead drift it and twitch or move every once in a while.

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