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Ralph Long - May 7, 2012

The FBC was originally tied as a cricket pattern for the summer months of central Pennsylvania. It's a versatile pattern that fishes great as intended, and doubles as a warm water popper. It could be called Bluegill candy as well since they cannot ignore it when twitched, and can be irresistible to Brookies when fished along those shady undercut hemlock banks.

The original pattern lacked the Ice-dub chin. But after 2 years of the chin being added, it's there to stay. Tied from #12 through #8, it's an extremely effective pattern.






FOTW - Foam butt caddis

Step#1:  Wrap a thread base the length of the shank leaving a space for the head twice the length of the hook eye.

FOTW - Foam butt caddis

Step#2:  Tie in the foam at the front of the thread base and wrap back to a point even with the point of the hook, binding down the foam tightly.

FOTW - Foam butt caddis
Step#3: Form a loop approximately Gape-length in size.

FOTW - Foam butt caddis
Step#4: Bind down the foam back over the hook shank and trim.

FOTW - Foam butt caddis
Step#5: Form an even thread base over the foam and tie in your hackle just in front of the foam loop.

FOTW - Foam butt caddis
Step#6: Palmer your hackle forward to the end of the foam base and tie off.

FOTW - Foam butt caddis
Step#7: Tie in a strand of Centipede legs across the hook shank just to the front of the foam base. Position each leg in a 45deg angle towards the bend of the hook and apply head cement to lock in place.

FOTW - Foam butt caddis
Step#8: Clean and stack a section of elk hair, tying in just in front of the foam base in elk hair caddis style. Leaving the butt ends long.
FOTW - Foam butt caddis
Step#9: Lift butt ends of the wing back and dub a substantial chin.

FOTW - Foam butt caddis
Step#10: Pull the butt ends of the wing forward and trip in elk hair caddis fashion. Trim both legs at shank length. Apply head cement.

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