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Agostino Roncallo - Jan 16, 2012

In the seventies, I began to construct artificial flies, hoping to find the right way to get flies of good quality. After so many years, I think I've find how to get what he wanted: the right way, at least for me, is simplicity.

I understand that the commonplace, according to which an assembly is the most bizarre and difficult to implement and more valid is a stupidity.

In my opinion, the model of a fly to be born from a simple idea and should be easy to achieve.

The big problem to overcome is that it is not easy to form a mentality directed at solving the problems of construction, finding the simplest of solutions.

I have come to think in terms of ease after about twenty years of all kinds of experimentation.

After developing this mentality, I tried building materials that best suited to put it into practice and found that no material is voted to simple assembly more to Cul de Canard.

So it was that I created the Mirage, the fly that best expresses my way of building artificial flies.

This fly pattern is obtained using a CDC hackle and owes its name to its thinness and its effectiveness, in my opinion, is lethal as that of the Mirage, the 'famous French military aircraft for several decades.

I build this fly in the nineties, but for a long time I kept it secret.

Then one day, seeing a friend who tried in vain to induce a trout to rise on his flies, I gave him a Mirage fly that did catch the fish the first throw.

I had already made known the existence of the fly so that, in 2001, I made known to readers of Fly Line Magazine writing an article.

From this model I have developed many other fly that appear in the book "Magic in the CDC", published in 2004 by Fly Line Ecosistemi Fluviali. "


I choose a CDC hackle with all the beards intact.
Holding the tip, I pull the barbs near the base of the hackle, what is the procedure to create the wonder wings, in order to obtain an extended body.

Fixed extended the body near the eye of a hook grub.
Turn back the beards of the base along with those that exceed from the extended body, and, with few turns of thread mounting cross-eight, in order to obtain the wings.

Cut off the hackle that exceed over the eye of a hook and one that extended beyond the body leaving two beards to imitate the tails.

I run the final node and the fly is finished.


To build the Mirage is necessary to use a hackle with all the beards intact in order to get perfect body and tail.

Because of its characteristics is an artificial to use when the fish rise on water surface.

It is not very robust, but instead is built in minutes.

Its effectiveness is well known; I received confirmation of esteem and appreciation that relate to different European and non European countries.


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