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Jack Murray - September 27, 2011

This is my version of an ALL SYNTHETIC MATERIAL MUDDLER to avoid having to Spin Deer Hair for the head



Step 1 a.jpg
Step 1 Wrap hook shank from eye to start of bend then spiral wrap to 1/3rd from eye
Step 2 a.jpg
Step 2 Tie in Tail material and run thread back to tie off point

Step 3 a.jpg
Step 3 Tie in Rib Material and run thread back to tie off point

Step 4 a.jpg
Step 4 Tie in Flat Gold Mylar Body Material. Run thread back to tie off point

Step 5 a.jpg
Step 5 Wrap the shank with Mylar Body Material in tight overlapping turns and tie off

Step 6 a.jpg
Step 6 Spiral wrap the Rib Material to tie off point and tie off. Clip excess materials

Step 7a.jpg
Step 7 Tie in white Poly Prop Wing material Securely and Clip any excess material

Step 8 a.jpg
Step 8 Tie in Brown Poly Prop on top of the White Poly Prop and clip excess material

Step 9 a.jpg
Step 9 Tie in a sparse Bunch of Black Poly Prop Material over the Brown Poly Prop. Build a neat forward taper with the tying thread at the tie off point

Step 10 a.jpg
Step 10 Tie in the Brown Estaz Chenille Material for the Ruff

Step 11 a.jpg
Step 11 Take Four Tight turns of Chenille to form Ruff and tie off

Step 12 a.jpg
Step 12 Clip excess material and form head with the tying thread

Step 13 a.jpg
Step 13 Whip Finish clip the tying thread and apply head cement.

Step 14 a.jpg
Step 14 GO FISH and Have Fun.

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