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Wayne Brown - August 29, 2011

This is a pattern that I have fished in a lot of Montana waters with good luck.  It can be tied from 14's down to 20's. I have fished it as a caddis emerger in 14's and as a midge pattern in 20's, it just produces.





IMG_0077 1) After crushing barb and seating bead, chuck vise very tight. 

(Allows for tight pull on over-body wrapping material)


IMG_0080 2) Dress hook while over wrapping rib and over body material to secure them down.


IMG_0081 3) Dress thread forward and half hitch behind bead to secure thread. Forward wrap red rib wire; tie off behind bead half hitch.


IMG_0082 4.) Wrap forward clear stretch cord keeping 2 wraps between each rib.


IMG_0083 5) Secure and clip off excess stretch cord. Dub in Ice dubbing sparsely over about 3" of thread. Dub in thorax and whip finish.


IMG_0085 6) The finished WB's RRP


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