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Ralph Long - Jun 06, 2011

The Ruby is one of my favorite low-water midge patterns. It's a great search pattern in smaller pocket water and around boulder fields, where the current isn't so much that additional weight is needed. I like to fish it fairly tight-lined and actually pull it through and around boulders, along shelves and through the heads of smaller riffles and plunge pools. 



FOTW - Ruby Midge

Stage#1: Place Bead and start thread to lock in place.

FOTW - Ruby Midge

Stage#2: Tie in wire and wrap back to a point approximately 1/3 around the hook bend.

FOTW - Ruby Midge

Stage#3: Tie in body glass and wrap back to same point as wire.

FOTW - Ruby Midge

Stage#4: Wrap body glass forward to the bead.

FOTW - Ruby Midge

Stage#5: Wrap wire forward to the bead providing 3 visible wraps.

FOTW - Ruby Midge

Stage#6: Dub thorax and whip finish.

R.E. Long


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