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Tom Deschaine - May 09, 2011

Any fisherman who’s spends any time on the river will tell you that the really ‘Big Browns’ come out at night.  To that end we spend countless dollars and hours on the river in hopes of nailing the 20+ inchers.

I’ve recently developed a series of night fishing flies that definitely gives the fisherman a real ‘edge’ in filling your night creel.  These flies have been fished in three states and on a dozen rivers with a tremendous amount of success.



Night Stalker IIINight Stalker VI




Night Stalker IV

Night Stalker I


Night Stalker II
Night Stalker V


Night Stalker V

The night stalkers are easy to tie, great floaters, fun to fish and tremendous producers of fish!  I encourage you to experiment with your own color combinations --- only you know what works on your rivers!





Prep the fly with copious quantities of floatant. Fish the fly in slow to still waters. I fish it dry using a twitching technique. Once the fly has become waterlogged you may continue to fish it wet using a slow retrieve. Most fisherman use a light colored fly on a dark night and dark colored fly on a light night. This fly seems to work best by doing the opposite.

See you on the river…..

Tom Deschaine

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