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Frederick Hannie - December 6, 2010


Start the thread on hook and return to the hook eye
Add monofilament eyes with figure 8 wraps (eyes made from melting 10lb test with a candle
Upon top of the eyes add 2 brown microfibets
Lightly tie in a clump of deer hair for the abdomen leaving room for the thorax. Note: do not wrap the deer hair tightly except at the tie in point
Pull the deer hair forward and lightly wrap it to the hook trying not to compress the hair
Cut the excess hair and with your thread lightly wrap the deer hair down. Be careful not to compress the deer hair or it will lose it's boyancy
With light, smooth wraps form a nice smooth abdomen
Color the abdomen with markers and coat the thread with flexament. This does 2 things; It sets the color and also makes the fly more buoyant
Now tie in a paintbrush bristle under the hook just in front of the abdomen, using figure 8 wraps
Add two more sets of legs as shown
The wing material is made from a single ply of facial tissue impregnated with flexament. Here is a pair of colored wings next to the size 14 wing gauge. It's a good idea to make a pattern so you can produce wings fast and easy
Tie in the wing material behind the mono eyes and whip finish. With a marker color the thread to match the rest of the fly and add some head cement
Here is the finished fly. All the materials in this fly can be colored to fit any hatch or species variation

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