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Agostino Roncallo - September 27, 2010

When I experimented the effectiveness of the Mirage in fishing, I was so satisfied of the results that, also knowing that it not possible, I deluded of power resolve any situation of fishing with his employment.

It was enough few for return to the reality; a trout that was plundered the emergent nymphs few under the surface of the water and it didn’t deign the Mirage of any attention, to remove me the illusion.

Returned to reason, I began to reason on the situation and I arrived to the obvious conclusion: for capture the trout served me an imitation of emergent nymph.

Since I didn’t arrange of that type of imitation, I tried to transform the Mirage in an emergent nymph:

I folded up the extended body and I shortened the tails and the wings.

I bathed the extended body with the saliva and I deposited the fly in front of the face of the trout that inhaled it with the calm motto.

Sees the success gotten with the modified artificial, I thought about create a good definite imitation of an emergent nymph.

Phases of assemblage

  1. I choose a CDC hackle with the entire beards.
  2. Holding it for the point, I throw the beards toward the base like it is proceeded forget the wonder wings.
  3. Fixed the hackle on a grub hook with the part convex revolt toward the lower part. In this way, also the extended body results orient toward the lower part.
  4. I with the procedure with which the Mirage is gotten, make converge in a only point the beards of the base of the hackle with that which exceed from the extended body. With any cross turns to eight of the thread of assemblage, I turn the beards toward the top in way to get the wings.
  5. I lift the part of hackle that is to the right of the wings and, serves me of the thread of assemblage and of CDC beards; I create a dubbing that serves me for form the chest of the nymph.
  6. I wind the dubbing on the stem of the hook, then down the CDC hackle on the chest and I fix her close the hook eye for imitate the back of the nymph.
  7. I cut the excess of the hackle that sticks out beyond the eye of the hook and what exceeds from the extended body leaving two beards for imitate the tails. I perform the knot of closing and the nymph has finished.

I think that the effectiveness of this nymph derives to his slenderness: it is sufficient bathe it for have the impression of observe a true nymph. To judge from his effectiveness, I think that also the fishes have the same impression and that’s why that, sure of his effectiveness, I make to precede the initial of my last name to the nymph word.

Brown R Nymph

Dark Grey R Nymph

Grey R Nymph

Olive R Nymph

Red R Nymph

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