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Jesse Denton (Uncle Jesse) - July 26, 2010

This hopper is probably an evolution of several others I have seen and copied different features from each.  I cannot claim its original because someone else probably did it first. There will be prettier ones tied, but the fish seemed to like it, it has that “cripple” look.



Turkey barbs.JPGThis is a good time to make a couple of hind legs for the hopper. Select 3 or 4 long barbs from a turkey tail feather, pheasant would probably work also.


Tie 1st knot.JPGUsing an electrical test clip I tie two knot in the fibers, a knee joint and an ankle.


Finished leg.JPGThe finished leg is below, lay this aside somewhere you can find it in a few minutes.


Tie hackle.JPGStart thread at midpoint of shank and wrap back to the bend, tip mount a suitable feather from the saddle.


Cut body.JPGCut a body of the size you desire from the foam door hanger, I like to cut off corners, since I haven’t seen a lot of grasshoppers with square corners. I then cut a taper at the head end of the body.


Mount body.JPGTie in the body, leaving room for a deer hair head.


Segments.JPGWrap the thread toward the hook bend creating body segments and back over the wraps to the rear.


Body with hackle.JPGPalmer the hackle through the body segment and tie off.


Add legs.JPGFind your hind legs and tie them in just behind where the wing and head will be added.  Trim the waste or sweep them back for fore legs.


Add Wing.JPGCut a bunch of deer hair, defuzz and even up the ends. Soft wrap and pull second wrap snug.  The next step is your choice; you can finish the head like an elk hair caddis, or added a second bunch of hair and spin it to make a larger head.


Trim head.JPGI added a small second bunch of hair, with a bit of a spin, and trimmed to shape. Whip finished and cement.  You can now shorten the extended body if you like



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