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Tom Deschaine (Westland Michigan) - December 07, 2009

The creator of this fly is Jay Neve who was a commercial tyer from Bellevue, Michigan.  This fly is extremely effective during the “hex hatch”. By varying the amount of brown and yellow dubbing you can match the color of the hex in your area.  It is so easy to tie I often use it in my beginning fly tying classes.  You can use any dubbing you want.  I prefer dyed rabbit.


•  Hook: Mustad #94840 or #94833      Size: 2-6
•  Thread: Yellow, 6/0
•  Tail: Two stripped ginger hackle stems
•  Body: Light brown & yellow dubbing
•  Hackle: Two ginger and one grizzly, mixed


Fly of the Week - Easy Hex


Tie in a good base of thread from
the throat of the hook all the way
to the bend of the hook.





Fly of the Week - Easy Hex



Tie in the tail hackle stems, tied at a
75 degree angle.





Fly of the Week - Easy Hex


Coarsely mix your dubbing (I usually start with a 50/50 mixture).  Add your dubbing wax, and wrap forward to the throat of the
hook.  Trim the dubbing now before
adding you hackle.




Fly of the Week - Easy Hex


Add the two ginger and one grizzly
hackles, mixed, tied heavy.  Tie them
off, wrap the head and add head cement.
There you have it --- effective simplicity!




When fishing for ‘hex’ trim the hackle even with the hook point for dun imitations and trim even lower for the spinner fall.

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