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Jack Murray - November 30, 2009

Emerger fishing can be a very rewarding experience

There are times when rising trout can be most exasperating especially when they ignore every thing you offer up for their inspection.

Quite often this is because the trout are dining on Emergers that in between stage in the hatching process when the rising body is neither Nymph nor Mayfly.

The rise form can be deceptive and the occasional nose breaking the surface or splashy rise as the trout chases the Emerger to the surface helps the allusion that the trout are feeding off the surface.

This is when an Emerger Pattern will prove to be the key to success. Quite often an induced take is needed to tempt the trout to strike at an escaping meal but generally a good dead drift will do the job.




..\..\O Emerger\Step 1.jpg
Step 1
Wrap Hook Shank with tying thread from eye to halfway round the bend and Half Hitch. Then run the thread back to the halfway point of the hook shank.

..\..\O Emerger\Step 2.jpg
Step 2
Apply 5 turns of .020 lead wire from the mid point toward the eye

..\..\O Emerger\Step 3.jpg
Step 3
Tie in and cover the lead wire with tying thread and finish half way round the bend

..\..\O Emerger\Step 4.jpg
Step 4
Tie in the fine silver wire Rib material

..\..\O Emerger\Step 5.jpg
Step 5
Apply Olive Hare and Copper Roo Fur dubbing to tying thread

..\..\O Emerger\Step 6.jpg
Step 6
Dub the Rear portion of the shank forward to the start of the lead Thorax and tie off

..\..\O Emerger\Step 7.jpg
Step 7
Spiral the wire rib forward to the Thorax and tie off

..\..\O Emerger\Step 8.jpg
Step 8
Clip the excess rib material

..\..\O Emerger\Step 9.jpg
Step 9
Apply acrylic yellow/green blend to tying  thread

..\..\O Emerger\Step 10.jpg
Step 10
Dub the Thorax heavily and tie off

..\..\O Emerger\Step 11.jpg
Step 11
Tie in the far side Wonder Wing made from a flank Feather from a mallard duck dyed Olive

..\..\O Emerger\Step 12.jpg
Step 12
Tie in the near side Wonder Wing and tie off

..\..\O Emerger\Step 13.jpg
Step 13 Clip excess wing materials

..\..\O Emerger\Step 14.jpg
Step 14
Tie in a whisk from the Bright green Front Neck Feather of a Peacock on the far side of the head sloping toward the rear for the horns

..\..\O Emerger\Step 15.jpg
Step 15
Tie in another whisk on the near side of the head to match the far side Horn and tie off]

..\..\O Emerger\Step 16.jpg
Step 16
Apply a very small amount of dubbing to the thread and take One turn in front of the horns etc and tie off. Clip any excess materials

..\..\O Emerger\Step 17.jpg
Step 17
Tidy up the head Whip finish and clip tying thread Apply Head Cement

Step 19
Go Fish and Have FUN!


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