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Backcastwards - November 16, 2009

Here's an offering for the Fly of the Week. I don't know if it is similar to anything that already has a name but it sure fits the bill for me. I use it to swing deep for Steelhead on my home water North Umpqua River. 
I call it GDC, short for, Gary's depth charge, and it’s simple to tie.





Step 1 Lay in a thread base on the hook.
Fly of the week - GGC

Step 2 Stack and tie in a tail extending approx. 1 hook gap past the hook bend.
Fly of the week - GGC


Step 3 Dub a rope with the Quick descent (or you can use regular dubbing if you don't want a deep swung fly) and wind on a thick body. Leave room for the hackle collar and head.

Fly of the week - GGC

Step 4 Tie in the black hackle and wind it on creating a sweptback look.
Step 5 Tie in the Sparkle fly tying material and create a proportioned head, tie it off.

Fly of the week - GGC


Fly of the week - GGCFly of the week - GGC
Editor’s Note:  Willies sparkling fly tying material can be secured from this source www.sparkleflies.biz - 503-266-2538

He died for me,
So I could live for Him.
He gave His life for me,
So I could give mine to Him.
He became like me,
So I could become like Him.

Gary AKA Backcastwards

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