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Morne Bayman, South Africa - November 02, 2009




Place hook in vice. Attach the thread and take to back of hook. Tie in some congo hair and green flash

Take thread back to the eye of the hook and tie in a section of gold mylar tubing so that the tubing faces towards the front. Also tie in the green holographic tinsel.

Insert two bead chain beads into the mylar tubing. You can also use brass or tungsten beads if you want more weight. Make sure the beads sits in the middle of the tubing. Also make sure you don't accidentally bump the mylar back while the beads are in as the beads will come flying out there like a rocket as the tubing springs back into position. This has caused quite a bit of swearing already

Take the thread to the back and wind the tinsel around the hook shank towards the back and tie off.

Fold the mylar tubing back and tie of at the tail. Make sure that the beads sit in the middle of the shank. Whip finish here and clip of the thread.

Mix up some 5 minute epoxy and cover the whole body. Also make sure to fill all the gaps between the beads and the mylar tube. I Use my bodkin and just poke holes in the mylar and work the epoxy inside. Let it sit until the epoxy is completely dry.

Measure some mink and use your bodkin to make a hole where the hook point must go through the mink. Invert your hook and slip the mink over the hook point. Remove the fly from the vice and pull the mink tight.

Re-attach your thread at the eye and pull the mink strip tight towards the front. Tie down the mink and cut of the excess. Form a need head, whip finish and cut of your thread.

Attach your holographic eyes with super glue and cover the entire body with a second layer of 5 minute epoxy. Make sure that you fill all the gaps between the eyes and the body.
Finished fly.

Regards from sunny South Africa

Morne Bayman

Fishing Tips:
You can fish this fly like any other baitfish imitations. I would normally fish the fly on a floating line when I see fish chasing smaller baitfish on the surface. You can experiment with various retrieves from fast to very erratic strip retrieves. Also vary the lenght of your strips. They can be short two handed retrieves to foot long strips. The intention is to imitate the crippled fish so keep the strips erratic. Takes are normally very positive, but I have had some occasions where you would feel a bump and then slack again. If this happens leave the fly in the water but slow down your retrieve. The fish will often turn around and come back for it.

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