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From Perrault's Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies
by Keith E. Perrault
Terms — K
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~ K ~
White fluffy fibers from seed of Kapok tree used as buoyant base material for fly bodies. It is easily dyed and used as primary body material.

Kashu Pine Squirrel:
Rarely used hair of light ginger color. The tail hair is white-tipped.

Keel Flies:
Flies tied on a keel hook. That is a hook with the barb turned up instead of down. Keel fly hooks have a bend near the eye which drops the center of weight of the hook so that the hook rides barb upwards. Fine for weedy waters.

Killer Style Wings:
Wings tied on flies on the sides of the shank rather than on the top side. Bird feathers are utilized rather than hackles. This style creates width to the fly and a certain amount of "breathing". Killer patterns are popular in New Zealand. Anothe form of Killer style places the feather wings flat on top of the fly and may be composed of two or more such feathers. This style of dressing was originated in Canada. See- Canadian Killer.

Really a misnomer, but in fly tying language is accepted as the name of unborn or very young calf tail or hair. Kip is kinky and soft. Used as tail and wing material.

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