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From Perrault's Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies
by Keith E. Perrault
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Flies of Jassid type usually have a small Jungle Cock eye feather, or similar substitute feather, tied flat on top to simulate the folded wings of various small leaf and tree hoppers. To strengthen the J.C.F. feathers, a coating of clear plastic lacquer is sometimes appled. Pheasant and Quail as well as Partridge body feather tips doped with lacquer and formed by pulling fibers together while lacquer dries are good substitues. Word Jassid derived from old nomenclature Jassidea.

Jay Hackle:
Prepared by carefully slicing a portion of the rib of a wing covert feather of a Bluejay, leaving the fibers intact, this strip then wound on a hook as a hackle.

Jungle Cock.

J.C.E. or JCE:
Jungle Cock Eye. (Feather).

J. Edson Leonard. Author of Flies.

Represented on some flies by a buildup of material. See - Center Joint and Fore Joint. Also, points at which legs of nymphs bend.

Short for Jungle Cock. May refer to Jungle Cock eyed feathers or Jungle Cock body feathers. Lately, may refer to plastic printed imitation Jungle Cock eyed feathers as for many years it has been illegal to import or even buy or have in possession Jungle Cock plumage in the United States. Considered endangered species.

Jungle Cock:
Once popular and much used, feathers of the Jungle Cock graced salmon and trout flies, but due to rarity of the birds, imports to the U.S. and some other countries have been banned and now these lovely feathers are not to be found. A recent attempt has been made to breed the bird in captivity and feathers may again become available. From the native Indian bird came the enamal-like spotted feathers used as "eyes" and the "list" hackles once so popular. Plastic "eyes" are now available as substitutes. The Jungle Cock, Gallus sonnerati, is the Gray Jungle Fowl species.

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