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From Perrault's Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies
by Keith E. Perrault
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Indian Crow:
Also called the Red Breasted Crow, comes from India. The red and bright black feathers are used for wings, tails, and shoulders. Substitutes are dyed hen hackles and pheasant hen neck feathers.

Indian Kingfisher:
Feathers are a greenish-blue.

Stage of a Mayfly when adult is ready to deposit eggs. Also called a Spinner.

Refers to calf tail hair in normal usage. Nomenclature given in the dark, dim past by fly tying fraternity.

Tail hair of an antelope type animal. Brown in color with dark gray or black markings.

Impeyan Pheasant:
From India, various species of this bird provide dark green metalic feathers for shoulders and wings of some salmon flies. Rump feathers of red and yellow used for tails on wet flies and legs on nymphs.

Impressionistic Flies:
Flies dressed so as to look as much alike as a natural insect.

Insect Green:
Color - Very light green. May have a yellowish tinge.

Iridescent Blue Mallard:
Dark gray with bluish tinge. Brilliant feathers of the Drake Mallard wings. These are the secondaries of the flight feathers.

Iron Blue Dun Hackle:
Dark gray with slight bluish tinge.

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