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Gray Fox

Tom Deschaine, Westland, MI - June 22, 2009

This tremendous pattern was originated by Preston 'Bobby' Jennings, a legendary Catskill tier. Preston was a highly regarded angler, fly tier and the author of the, Book of Trout Flies (1935). The pattern was primarily an eastern pattern (Stenoema fuscum), but works well with western mayflies as well.



Step #1 Tie in a good base of pale yellow thread. I prefer Danville's prewaxed

Step #2 Tie in the Ginger Hackle Fibers, for the tail, then run your thread forward

Step #3 Tie in the wing material and trim off the excess material.

Step #4 Pull back your wing material and tie it in, upright and divided, using the standard figure eight technique. Run your thread back to the shank of the hook.

Step #5 Prepare your dubbing by adding dubbing wax to the thread. Then add your Red Fox dubbing.

Step #6 Advance your dubbing forward. Tie it off at the throat.

Step #7 Tie in your hackle fibers, one each Ginger and Grizzly.

Step #8 Wrap in the hackles in the normal manner. Using hackle guards or a soda straw, push the hackle out of the way, and tie off the head.

Step #9 Whip finish or hand tie your head. Using your bodkin, tie off the fly with a half hitch or two.

Step #10 Trim the fly, add head cement.

Mr. Jennings was one of the first tiers who approached fly tying from an academic viewpoint. The Gray (Grey) Fox is also tied with a thread variation of either tan or primrose. There are many fishermen who claim this as a 'must' for their fly box.

See you on the water…..
Tom Deschaine, Westland, MI

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