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Fluttering Caddis

Tom Deschaine, Westland, MI - June 15, 2009

I love to fish with caddis patterns. They seem so forgiving. Generally they are good floaters and very visible. They can be popped, skated, dragged, twitched and skittered.

When they become water logged and sink, just fish it wet. I always start beginning fly fisherman off with caddis patterns, that way they can concentrate on casting and such and not have to worry about perfect fly presentations when they’re first starting

Today’s pattern was created by Leonard Wright who was a New York advertising executive who summered in the Catskills. This fly was featured in his book entitled, "Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Caddis" (1972). It was designed to be ‘skittered’.



Step #1 Tie in a good base of thread.

Step #2 Since this pattern does not call for a tail --- we can proceed directly with the dubbing. Prepare your thread.

Step #3 Select fibers from you muskrat pelt.

Step #4 Apply the dubbing to your waxed thread.

Step #5 Wrap the dubbing, tie it off at the throat. I use this opportunity to trim my fly body before proceeding.

Step #6 Select you mink fibers from the tail.

Step #7 Tie in the tail fibers caddis style. Your choice, tie in the wings light or heavy depending on the amount of hair you select. I prefer my caddis wings tied heavy.

Step #8 Trim away all excess materials and securely tie down the wing. Pluck any unwanted fibers from the wing.

Step #9 Tie in the hackle fiber.

Step #10 Wrap the hackle and tie it off. Once again you can choose how heavy or light you prefer your hackle to be tied. Tie in or whip finish the head. Cut the thread away and add head cement.

This fly is also called the Wright Skittering Caddis. The body can be tied in black, cinnamon, gray or olive. The original pattern called for spade hackles for the wings. The rarity of the hackles resulted in a switch to mink tail fibers.

See you on the water…..
Tom Deschaine, Westland, MI

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