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Tom Deschaine, Westland MI - June 8, 2009

This tremendous fly was designed and developed by that famous Catskill tyer, Walt Dette. Itís very popular in upstate New York, and I can see why --- itís design is so impressive that it should work anywhere in the country. It combines the features of several flies, the Bivisable, the Renegade and Griffithís Gnat. Itís both a great attractor fly and a good fly to use for both Diptera sp. and Chimarra sp. hatches.



Step #1 Tie in a good base of cream, 6/0 thread.

Step #2 Tie in the Brown Hackle Fibers --- tail should be tied short.

Step #3 Tie in both the Peacock Herl and the Brown Hackle rib at the same time. This way you wonít have to back your thread down the hook a second time.

Step #4 Wrap the Peacock Herl forward to the throat position and tie it off.

Step #5 Palmer forward your Brown Hackle rib --- should be wrapped slightly heavy.

Step #6 Tie in the White Face Hackle .

Step #7 Wrap and tie off the hackle, tie in the head, trim the fly and add head cement.

The Katterman is also know as the Dark Katterman. There is also a Light Katterman using Ginger Hackle for the tail and rib. This fly should not be confused with another fly by the same name created by Hiram Brobst, the creator of the Heneryville Special.

Author's Bio

Tom Deschaine, Michigan

Tom Deschaine
Iím a retired high school science teacher, living in Westland, Michigan. Iíve been a hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman my entire life. But, it wasnít until 1984, that a friend of mine introduced me to the sport of fly fishing. I got the Ďbugí real bad and within a year or two I had added fly tying and rod building to my list of sportsmanís skills.

Over the years, my flies and tying tips have appeared in such magazines as American Angler, Fly Tyer, Fly Fish America and Trout Fisherman, as well as many web sites. I fish with, and tie only dry flies, and I have a special interest in old flies of Michigan origin.

Although I have fished most of the great rivers in this country, my all time favorite is still, my home river, the Au Sable, here in Michigan.

My retirement is now providing me with the time I need to write a little and share with you some of the tips, tricks, patterns and experiences Iíve had over the years.

See you on the waterÖ

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