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Parachute Ant
Fly and Photos by Martin Westbeek
Oisterwijk, Netherlands

Materials: Parachute Ant

    Thread: 8/0, black.

    Hook: TMC 102Y, #17.

    Back and Post: Aero Dry Wing.

    Body: Black dubbing.

    Hackle: Silver Saddle, black.

Tying Instructions: Parachute Ant

1. Tie in Aero Dry wing on top of the hook.

2. Dub body.

3. Pull poly over the body and tie down; make a thin waist. Touch poly with felt tip pen - black or other color for visibility.

4. Tie in hackle, lift hackle and post: note bare stem at tie-in point. Wrap thread up the post and down again. Rest bobbin at your side of the hook.

5. Dub front body segment.

6. Palmer the hackle down in 5 or 6 wraps, each wrap below the previous one. This is where these saddle hackles shine... Whip finish against the post, touch the knot with a *tiny* drop of superglue before cutting. Cut post to length.

~ MW

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