The Prism Stimulator
By Casey Holcomb (cholcomb13)

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Here is one of my favorite patterns. When dry fly fishing this is one of the first flies I'll tie on. It is a great attractor pattern. I've loved the stimulator for a while and it's been a very productive fly. I tied some small flies with a little flash and it hit me...try putting a little sparkle in the stimulator. And it's worked, several have used this fly and have had great success. I used this fly chasing rainbows, browns, brookies, and goldens and this is what my daughter used to catch her "official" first trout (golden to boot) on a fly rod. She did everything except tie on the fly. I have tied this with the variation of using peacock herl for the throax, that worked as well. I hope everyone enjoys this fly. It is definitely one of my favorites. ~ Casey


    Hook: Tiempco 200 BRL size 16

    Thread: Orange 6/0.

    Tail: Natural coastal deer hair.

    Ribbing: Fine gold wire.

    Body Dubbing: Olive prism dubbing.

    Body Hackle: Brown.

    Wing: Bleached coastal deer hair.

    Throax: Yellow prism.

    Throax hackle: Grizzly.


    Step 1: Wrap thread on hook to bend. Create a bulge at the bend, this will represent the egg sack.

    Step 2: Tie in a small clump of natural coastal deer hair just in front of the bump. Trim ends.

    Step 3: Tie in a small gold wire back up thread to end.

    Step 4: Dub thread with golden olive prism dubbing.

    Step 5: Wrap dubbed thread half way up the shank. Tie in brown hackle.

    Step 6: Palmer hackle back toward bend. Secure with wire.

    Step 7: Carefully wrap wire toward the half way point.

    Step 8: Make 2 tight wraps with thread to secure wire. Trim hackle and wire.

    Step 9: Clean and stack a nice clump of bleached deer hair. Secure with 2 wraps.

    Step 10: Trim ends and tie in grizzly hackle.

    Step 11: Dub thread with yellow prism dubbing. NOTE: peacock herl can be substituted.

    Step 12: Wrap dubbed thread toward eye.

    Step 13: Palmer hackle toward eye; 2 wraps of thread to secure hackle, trim, and finish. NOTE: I like to finish with 2 triple half hitches, I do this as to not trap thehackle near the eye.

    Step 14: The finished product: The Prism Stimulator.

    Step 15: A view from underneath.

    Step 16. View from the top.

Very tight lines. ~ Casey

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