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Foam Traveller's Sedge
(Kick Butt Caddis)
By Ailsa McIntosh (SheTies), British Columbia, Canada

I picked up a few of these caddis flies when I was last in the interior region of BC. I immediately fell in love with these sedge imitations. I have altered the size of the wings somewhat in order to help them float level. Easy to tie and it will never sink!

Materials: Foam Traveller's Sedge

    Hook: Any hook (wet or dry) size #10.

    Wing: Beige or brown foam.

    Body Material: Green antron dubbing.

    Hackle: Brown hackle.

Tying Instructions: Foam Traveller's Sedge

1. Pre-cut foam, top measurement is 1cm, bottom is 1.5cm and the sides are the length of the hook you are using.

2. Fold the foam in half lengthwise and put into a wing burner.

3. Use wing burner to melt the edges into shape, while foam is still very hot squeeze burner tips together to bond the melted ends of foam together.

4. Dub a quick body.

5. Place foam wings over dubbed body and secure with two wraps of thread. Note... don't pull too hard on the thread or the foam will wrinkle.

6. Tie in a hackle feather with two wraps of thread.

7. Wrap hackle feather and whip finish.

8. Use permanent marker to add mottled appearance to wings.

9. Finished fly.

Tie in several shades of brown and alter dubbing colour to match the hatch in your area. Trimming the hackle flat on the underside of the fly may be helpful if the fly doesn't float level. This fly produces a nice "wake" when stripped in quickly. ~ Ailsa (SheTies)

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