Realistic Water Boatman

by Xavier Molina

Corixids are aquatic Hemiptera, better known as water boatman, they are a great source of food to the fish, this is my favorite pattern. ~ Xavier


Hook: Wet/nymph #12.

Thread: 17/0.

Body: Yellow Latex .

Shellback: Natural Latex colored.

Eyes: Burnt mono.

Legs: Hackle stems with the tip fibers left in place.

Thorax: Yellow dubbing.

Head: Yellow dubbing


Step 1: Attach thread and make a nice bed on the front of the hook and tie in the eyes with figure 8 wraps.

Step 2: Cut a 1/8" Wide strip of natural latex and form a "V" on the tip and tie it in.

Step 3: Cut a similar width yellow latex strip point to 45º and tie it in.

Step 4: Attach some lead wire to build up the body and secure it.

Step 5 & 6: Make a football shaped under body with yellow thread or floss.

Step 7: Create the body with even wraps of the latex, make sure you cover half of the previous turn every time.

Step 8: Attach the hackle stems for the legs, tie them exactly to the side of the body for a better finish.

Step 9: Pull the natural latex to the front and tie it in just where you finished the abdominal segments.

Very tight lines. ~ Xavier