Articulated Woolly Buggers
By: Ron Stevens (RonS81)

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After reading an article in Fly Fusion Magazine, titled Wiggle Butts by John R Gantner, I was inspired to tie some articulated flies. A second article Full Motion Hex by Steve May used soft hackles ( Hungarian Partridge ) at the front and rear of the body for extra motion. I tied some of the full motion hex flies and had very good luck with them on the Caney Fork River, here in Tennessee.

Materials for Articulated Herl and Pheasant Bugger ( AHPB )

    Hooks: Front - size #8 2X Heavy 2X Long/Rear - size #14 2X Heavy 2X Long

    Thread: Black 8/0

    Tail: Olive marabou, with Olive Crystal Flash.

    Bodies: Peacock herl and Crystal Flash spun in dubbing loop.

    Hackle: Pheasant back tied in at tip, this at front and back of main Body.

    Rib: Medium Copper Wire.

    Weight: Gold bead and 10 wraps .020 Lead Free Wire.

    Head: Several wraps of Olive Hairs Ear dubbing.

    Articulation Connection: Piece #17 lb test coated leader wire, tied to front hook or use mono.

    1. Tie in Marabou at point of hook. Tie several strands of flash on each side of tail.

    2. Use a dubbing loop to tie in 3-4 strands of peacock herl and several strands of flash. Dub hook shank and tie a neat head.

    3. Mount the front hook in vise with bead installed. Omit bead if desired. Cover shank of hook with thread tie in end of material for articulating hinge. (Coated leader wire or mono can be used). Wrap aprox. 10 wraps of 020 lead free wire between bead and hinge loop. Mount rear body and tail, tying hinge loop to hook shank and super glue it.

    4. Tie in rear hackle by tip, and wrap several turns. A rubber band can help keep rear hook out of the way.

    5. Tie in a dubbing loop. Twist 4-5 strands of peacock herl and several pieces of crystal flash in loop. Spin into a rope and wrap shank.

    6. Tie in front hackle and wrap several turns. Tie off hackle and finish head by dubbing it with several wraps of hairs ear dubbing.

    ~ Ron Stevens

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