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By Jeff Pierce - "Dr. Fish"

This is a simple scud pattern that is very durable and has produced a lot of fish for me over the years. It has worked well in the east, the west and in Europe.

Materials List: Scud

    Hook - Partridge Flashpoint SHR (Barbless) or Mustad Signature C49S. Sizes 12 - 20.

    Thread - 8/0 Gray.

    Body - Wapsi Gray Rabbit Dubbing.

    Scud Back - Clear plastic of your choice.

    Rib - Small Copper Wire.

    Head - Tungsten Bead (optional).

Tying Method: Scud

1. Slide appropriate sizes Tungsten bead onto the shank and up to the eye. Wrap a base of thread to near the center of the bend of the hook.

2. Tie in a piece of copper wire.

3. Tie in a piece of clear scud back, (your choice). The size you use depends on the size of the scud you are tying.

4a. Form a dubbing loop and wax your thread.

4b. Apply your dubbing and spin the dubbing loop. Wrap dubbing around hook shank to head. Bulk up the dubbing in the center to form a hump.

5. Tease the dubbing to form the legs of the scud.

6. Fold over the scud back and secure at the head.

7. Wrap the copper wire around the body. As you wrap, use your bodkin to separate the dubbing for the copper wire so that you do not trap the dubbing on top of the scud back. Secure the wire at the head and whip finish. A light coating of Hard as Nails will help to make the fly more durable. You are finished.

Fishing Suggestions

Keep in mind that scuds vary in size and color throughout the year and from place to place. I like to tie my scuds in sizes 12 - 20 and also vary the colors so that I have some in olive, light olive, medium gray, light gray and light pink. This will cover nearly all situations. I also tie them with and without the Tungsten beads. This gives you flies for both shallow and deep water.

Fishing the scud is very simple. You can fish it with or without a strike indicator. I also like to hang it under a larger dry fly like a hopper or Stimulator. Earlier this year I caught several nice Rainbows on this pattern on the Norfork River near Mountain Home, AR. It also fooled a very nice 19.5" Cutthroat on that trip and the fishing was poor to slow for most at that time. ~ Jeff Pierce

About Jeff Pierce:

Jeff Pierce, AKA "Dr. Fish" is the Sales Manager for O. Mustad & Son and Partridge of Redditch. When not in the office, he can be found chasing fish wherever possible. Whether it's Sailfish off Borneo, Payara in Brazil or Brook Trout in the Adirondack Mountains, you can bet that Jeff is no doubt casting flies at something that will bend a rod.

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