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DHE - Deer Hair Emerger
By Hans Weilenmann

This has proven a particularly hot design on the rivers of Alberta, BC, New Zealand and Scotland, and has become Wyatt's first line dry fly. The quill abdomen version is a good bet for an early season olive hatch. The thick fur abdomen and peacock herl versions make excellent caddis emergers, and will outfish a conventionally hackled dry caddis. The DHE incorporates an erect wing and hanging abdomen, both strong 'triggers'. Far more durable, and much easier to tie, than the Klinkhamer Special or other parachute hackled emergers.

To fish, touch only wing and thorax with floatant, to allow abdomen to penetrate surface.

Materials for the Deer Hair Emerger

    Hook: Tiemco 2487 (or equivalent light wire scud hook) #8-#16

    Thread: Brown 6/0 or 8/0.

    Wing: Deer Hair.

    Rib: Tag end of thread.

    Abdomen: Hare's mask.

    Thorax: Hare's ear.

    Originator: Bob Wyatt.

Instructions for the DHE:

    1. Deer hair wing, and thread tag end left for the rib

    2: Dubbed abdomen, counter-wrapped thread rib. Note thread end position.

    3: Dubbing noodle, starting from eye and wrapped tight up against the wing.

    4: Spiral thread over thorax toward to the eye of the hook.

    5: The completed DHE.

    6: DHE: Bottom view.

    7: DHE: Top view. ~ Hans

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