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Patent Pending
By Robin Rhyne
Tied and Photographed by Richard Komar

Not too long ago, I was in the local fly shop doing some lunchtime window shopping and ran into Gary Miller of Texas Warm Water Fly Fishers fame. We got to browsing through a catalog of fly patterns and were noting that many of the warmwater patterns were basically woolly buggers with unique names. This perusing reinforced our thoughts that there really was not much new at all in woolly bugger fly patterns.

In that light, I present the "Patent Pending." It is an application-specific use of some standards intended to hopefully give you some fly angling excitement.

Materials List: Patent Pending

    Hook: 8 - 1/0 Streamer Hook.

    Thread: Black.

    Weight: (optional) Lead wire.

    Body: Black Zonker Strip.

    Rib: Medium Silver Wire.

    Head: Black deer body hair.

Tying the Patent Pending

    1. Tie in some ribbing wire near the eye of the hook and wrap it on down to the hook bend. Tie in some lead wire at this point if you want it to get the fly down in the muck. (Leave enough bare shank near the eye for the deer hair spinning of the head that will take place a bit later).

    2. Tie in the tip of a black zonker strip where the wire begins near the eye. This will hold the strip in place and allow tension to be placed on it while binding it down with the ribbing wire.

    3. Bring the wire forward, standard Matuka style, and tie off the wire.

    4. Spin a head of black deer hair to suit taste or style of fishing. Spin and trim standard Muddler style.

    5. Glue/cement the various tie-off points according to your preference.

That's about it. Now for the fun part!

Fishing the Patent Pending:

Find some overhanging willow trees, dead trees in the water, undercut banks or other suspicious spots. Get out there very early, preferably at dawn, and start dragging the fly around like a particularly foolish baby catfish or tadpole. Hang on tight! ~ Robin Rhyne

About Robin:

I started fly fishing when I was twelve years old. No one else in the family was a fly angler. I had been an Outdoor Life and Sports Afield addict for some time and fly fishing came up so much that I just had to try it! I also tried ferreting and blow gun hunting, but fly fishing is the only one that stuck!

My casting has not improved all that much over the years, but the tying has fortunately. I do a lot of fishing, tying and casting with the Texas Warm Water Fly Fishers, Blue River Fly Fishers and the North Texas Casting Club.

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