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By Kevin Finley

Materials for the Spider

    Hook: TMC 100 #16-20

    Thread: Brown.

    Body: Ice dubbing. plastic around dubbing .003 mills (painters drop cloth from hardware store.)

    Thorax: Peacock w/turkey.

    Legs: Turkey.

Instructions for the Spider:

1. Tie in turkey feathers at head, wind thread back to hook bend.

2. Form small body from dubbing by rolling a small amount between thumb and fore finger,encase in 1x1 inch piece of plastic square. Tie body onto hook right at bend.

3. Wind thread back towards eye - tie in peacock, spin and tye off a couple of turns of thread. Bring turkey over peacock, and tie off behind hurl.

4. Wind on a small amount of thread to make abdomen.

5. Take 4 strands of turkey feather - put 2 together and tie in at abdomen, do the same on other side. A drop of super glue will hold them nicely you will have 8 legs.

6. Cut legs to the length you wish, heat tweezers and crimp legs...not too hot and not for long. When you have the legs crimped the way you like, dress the legs with super glue, (very small amount) let dry. Your spider should look like this.

Notes from Kevin:

The pattern has not yet been fished but I know that the ones with the rubber legs catch fish, this will fool 'em even better - happy fishing. ~ Dead drift

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