"Patagonian Runner"

By Juan Jose Serra
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Some time ago I agreed to send some of the flies that I love to use in my country, Argentina. So here is one of my favorite streamers and I put "him" a name...The "Patagonian Runner." Perhaps you wish to add it for the website tying dept.

This streamer is fantastic, specially in mid-size and big rivers as Limay, Grande, etc. I use floating lines (I prefer them!) or sinking-tips to cast this fly. It works almost for itself in a "Salmon Style" as we use with salmon flies in case of a floating line. Just let it swim with the currents while the epoxi head sinks the PR a little down the surface. Sometimes I add some "minnow movements" with my rod and line.

The big browns and rainbows don't doubt...they attack it!

I tried to take some good picts for you, step by step while tying the "PR".

Materials Patagonian Runner

    Hook: Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp LO58S - #6.

    Thread: Ultra Thread white.

    Tail: Squirrel tail, natural.

    Body: Holographic tinsel.

    Wing: Poly bear gray, red Flashabou strands, Poly bear grey (again)

    Back: Peacock herl strands, Krystal Flash black.

    Head: Paint the eyes with a nail head (white paint) and a needle head (black paint). After dry, add transparent 10 min. epoxi forming a nice head and then use a permanent black marker for the top of the head. ~ Juan Jose Serra (Rocketfish)



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