Black Legged Bug

By Rick Zieger, Iowa
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I had a few requested for the directions for this fly after it appeared in a few of my articles. Fairly simple fly to tie. Hook size from 8 to 12.


    1. Tie thread on at eye and wrap back a little way, roughly 1/4 hook shank. Tie in rubber hackle perpendicular to the hook shank.

    2. Tie in the other two rubber hackle legs at about 1/2" and 3/4" marks of the hook shank.

    3. Move thread to bend and tie in a black marabou tail. Make this about a shank length tail.

    4. Tie on chenille over where the wraps are for the marabou. Wrap thread to the front of the fly.

    5. Wrap chenille to the front of the fly. Wrap between the rubber hackle legs. Tie off.

    6. This is also an effective fly tied in olive with yellow legs.

This fly can be tied with bead heads also. ~ Rick Zieger

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