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Simple Streamers
By John McBride

This is a very simple tie that is very durable, because all the tie off points are behind the eye not at the hook bend where most flies start to come apart. (For more durability, put a drop of head cement on each tie in point while you are tying them.) Use any material that will separate. Plastic canvas yarn, nylon cord, or sparkle craft cord or sparkle thread are my favorites. For the step-by-step fly here I used plain old white lumberyard chalkline that I dyed orange. Vary the hook size/color combinations for the prey you are after. (More on that at the end.)

Materials: Simple Streamer

    Hook:  Your choice to fit the fish you are targeting.

    Thread:  3/0 monocord, color to match body or create desired effect.

    Body:   Plastic canvas yarn, nylon cord, sparkle craft cord or thread, parachute cord, dyed lumberyard chalkline shown here.

    Eyes:   (Optional) Non-toxic hourglass eyes, lead barbell eyes, bead-chain eyes or any similar eyes that add weight.

Tying Steps:

1. Tie material on top of shank, leaving about 2" hanging off behind bend, and about 11/2" hanging off the eye end.

2. Wrap material from bend to about two eyes width behind the eye, half-hitch here.

3. Pull the material, (that you just half-hitched) toward rear and tie off.

4. Pull the front material back over the top of the rear wing, tie off and make a head with your whip finish.

5. Trim the two wings to desired length, (If you separate the wings with a bodkin you will see there are two) and separate the fibers with your bodkin.


Sinking Spinner
For my "Sinking Spinner" pattern I use sparkle thread, and add a split tail.

Lake Skater
Same sparkle thread (larger hook for Bass) with a tail and a Krystal-flash beard for my sinking "Lake Skater" pattern.

Flash Leech
Sparkle craft cord makes my "Flash Leech."

Bloody Mary
Change color of cord, add a tail and bead-eyes for my "Bloody Mary" that "Ladyfisher" likes.

Glow Leech
Use nylon parachute cord, (trim rear wing long with the front wing short) for my "Glow Leech" that was inspired by "unusual fly" swapping buddy Ed Engelman.

Crippled Minnow
Use chartruse/white plastic canvas yarn with a tail, for my "Crippled Minnow." My fly swapping pal Keith Passant from England just loves this pattern!

All of these catch "Panfish" wherever I try them, and with the fly swapping I have done it seems that they work for a wide variety of fish all over the world.

Try bright/flashy ones and see for yourself, best of all they don't take long to tie so that means more time for fishing! ~ John McBride

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