Mirrored Minnow

Created by Jim Guida

If you tie flies that use hard heads or epoxy you should buy a fly dryer (or make one.) This helps out a lot with the head of the fly coming out perfectly round. This is a great Steelhead/Bass fly here in Western New York state.

Materials list: Mirrored Minnow

Hook: Hook TMC 7999 or 7989.
Thread: Orange 8/0 Red
Eyes: 3/16" stick on

Method: The Mirrored Minnow

  1. Wrap thread to hook point.
  2. Tie rabbit strip down leaving a small tag end.
  3. Form a dubbing loop and put Silver Flashabou dubbing in loop.
  4. Spin loop and wrap going forward.
  5. Tie in a small piece of white marabou for throat. Pull rabbit strip forward and tie it down.
  6. Put 3/16" stick on eyes on and coat with loon's hard head and let dry. ~ Jim Guida