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Kinky Fly
By Floyd Sparks

The Kinky fly is one of the most versatile and successful patterns I have ever used. When I began fishing this fly I was looking for a fly that would resemble plastic baits such as fish traps. The Kinky fly fit the bill. Tied with the hook turned up inside the material it not only acts as a weed guard but also hides the hook providing more hook ups with finicky fish.

50+ lb. Dorado caught by author Floyd Sparks on a Baja Sardina Kinky Fly

I have fished this pattern in both fresh and saltwater with equal success catching trout, large mouth and striped bass, pike, and wipers. In the salt I have caught lots of halibut, white sea bass, calico bass, sand Bass, yellowtail, albacore and yellowfin tuna, along with bonito, skipjack, roosterfish etc.

My most successful colors are the Rainbow Trout, Mexican Flag and the Baja Sardina. (The variations are shown below.)

Because Kinkyfibre and Flashfibre come in so many colors you can virtually imitate any baitfish or attractor pattern. The ease, at which this fly can be tied with, makes it a great pattern.

Last summer I took 11 novice fly fisherman plus 2 journalists from Western Outdoors news on an overnight trip out of San Diego. The trip was a flyfishing only venture targeting albacore tuna. When we got to the grounds about 60 miles offshore we began by using the traditional technique of trolling a spread of 4 tuna feathers until bit and then chum the fish up with live bait. I had two anglers troll the Mexican Flag and an anchovy both Kinky flies. It wasn't long before the flies were hit. The flies were so successful the skipper eventually had us pull in all the tuna feathers and put out just the flies. The Kinky fly caught most of the Albacore on the drift with sinking lines; we only trolled to locate the fish. These flies did not twist. Our boat was the top boat with over twenty Albacore to 30 pounds, and a couple of yellowtail to 20 pounds, all caught on the Kinky fly by novice anglers. The hot color was the Mexican Flag size 4/0 and 6/0.

One of the other variation is the Rainbow Trout or watermelon as my wife calls it. This is probably the best all around fly I use fishing the bays, harbors, lagoons and surf, not to mention all the freshwater species I have caught on it. Because the hook is buried in the material it is virtually weed free. It works excellent in shallow water around eelgrass and other aquatic vegetation. I sent a hand full of Kinky flies with a friend to central America fishing for peacock bass and he reported great luck. He also said the locals loved the flies because with the dense vegetation around the rivers their flies often get foul hooked in the trees where as the kinky fly fell out of the trees.

The Kinky fly can be tied in any of your favorite colors in a matter of minutes without epoxy. ~ Floyd

Recipe: Mexican Flag

    Hook:  4/0 or 6/0 Trey Combs big game hook.

    Thread:  Fine monofilament.

    Belly:  Fluorescent white kinkyfibre or flashfibre.

    Midline:  Yellow kinky fibre under bleeding gill red kinkyfibre.

    Flash:  Bleeding gill red comes alive.

    Back:  Baitfish green kinkyfibre or Flashfibre topped with Mackerel green fluorofibre. (The new Marine green kinkyfibre may be used as a substitute).

    Head:  Fluorescent chartreuse Fluorofibre.

    Cement:  Zap-a-gap, pink.

    Eyes:  Prismatic 3D or flat.

Tying Steps:

1. Set up base wraps of mono thread to about 1/3 of shank length behind the eye. Do not cement.

2. Taper a medium bunch of kinkyfibre about twice the length of the hook. Cut the material forming a clean end and a tapered end. Lay the ends over the base wraps with the tapered ends toward and hanging over the hook eye. Make 4 - 5 wraps to secure the cut ends. Fold back the material and secure with another 4 - 5 wraps. Taper another bunch of White kinkyfibre a little longer so the bottom and top form a smooth taper. Trim off and tie directly in front of the previous material. Fold back and tie off.

3. Start layering the colors of the midline in the same fashion as the before. Leaving them a little longer than the belly. Working forward as you go.

4. Tie in the back just in front of the midline wraps, fold back and add flash. Clean up the head being careful not to build it up to much. Do not cement yet.

Step 5. Clip off thread clean and snug. Between your thumb and forefinger hold the head and material evenly but firm, turn the hook upside down rotating all the material 180 degrees straighten out and add zap a gap to the wraps of mono thread being careful not to allow the zap-a-gap to climb up the material.

Step 6. Add 3-D eyes using marine goop, place the eyes on evenly. Don't allow the goop between the eyes to touch. To prevent this you can slide a piece of paper between them.

Step 7. Let dry and go fishing.


Rainbow Trout

Recipe: Rainbow Trout

    Hook:  2/0 or 4/0.

    Thread:  Fine monofilament.

    Belly:  White kinkyfibre or white flashfibre.

    Midline:  Pink kinky fibre and Pearl Come Alive Flash.

    Back:  Kinkyfibre in Bairfish green, olive or Marine green depending on the shade you are looking for.

    Top:  Marine green Fluorofibre.

    Eyes:  Prismatic 3D or flat.

Baha Sardina

Recipe: Baja Sardina

    Hook:  2/0 or 4/0, 6/0.

    Thread:  Fine monofilament.

    Belly:  Kinky fibre or Flash fibre in fluorescent white. Also Natural belly shine is a great substitute for an off-white belly.

    Midline:  Gold and Electric Blue Comes Alive, topped with lt. Olive and Mullet Brown kinkyfibre.

    Back:  Root Beer Come Alive and Peacock herl.

    Eyes:  Prismatic 3D or flat.

One of many nice Albacore landed by Guide Floyd Sparks on a 6/0 Mexican Flag Kinky fly
A couple of helpful suggestions are to carry a small pocket comb and comb out the fly if it gets tangled up after a fish is caught and store your flies in slender plastic bags so they maintain their shape. You can also add a few wraps of lead at the head before tying in the material. This makes a great darting and dipping action.

Kinky flies and the materials used to tie them can be purchased through the secure online store or by phone order at (760) 634-3301. If you have any questions or are interested in guiding while in San Diego you can email Floyd at .

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