The River Minnow
By Paul Smith, CA

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Over the last six or seven years the River Minnow has been building a reputation for catching large Alaskan Rainbow Trout. There have been many in the 5 to 9 pound class with a 16 pound plus taken in the Kenai River in 2006. It is also becoming popular for Steelhead. The fly comes from River King Flies ( and also has a cousin named River Sculpin.


    Hook: Daiichi 2220 Size 4

    Thread: Flymaster plus 140 denier.

    Weight: Lead for Lead free wire .025.

    Tail: White Zonker strip.

    Body: Chinchilla Zonker strip.

    Throat: Red Artic Fox.

    Collar: Purple lamb wool.

    Head: Silver lamb wool.

    Eyes: 3/16 Dazl eyes.

Step 1: Daiichi - 2220, size 4.

Step 2: Wrap the hook with a layer of thread then attach 3/16 Dazl Eyes using an "X" pattern.

Step 3: Wrap 25 turns size .025 lead free or lead wire.

Step 4. Attach White Rabbit Zonket strip for the tail of the fly.

Step 5: Attach Chinchilla Zonket strip for the body.

Step 6: Palmer (wrap) the Chinchilla Zonker strip forward for the body.

Step 7: Tie on the Artic Red Fox for the throat.

Step 8: Trim the Artic Fox and tie on Purple Lamb Wool for the collar.

Step 9: Trim the Purple Wool collar and tie on the Silver Wool for the head.

Step 10. Trim the Silver wool for the head and tie off the thread. Completed River Minnow! ~ Paul Smith

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