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Ostrich Mayfly Nymph
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Ostrich Mayfly Nymph
By Jim Schollmeyer

Excerpt from Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques by Jim Schollmeyer, published by Frank Amato Publications.

Publisher's Note:
Jim Schollmeyer is probably the finest photographer of flies and insects around. His book, Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques contains this fly as well as really complete instructions for every tying method you can dream for nymphs and more. There are hundreds of step-by-step patterns. If you tie nymphs, this is the ultimate instructional book! Because of the quality of Schollmeyer photography the photos for this fly are larger than usual. Be patient, it's worth the wait.

This simple, easily-tied fly ia a good imitation for swimming mayfly nymphs. The originator of this fly is Fred Arbona.

Materials: Ostrich Mayfly Nymph

  • Hook:  Nymph, 2X heavy, 2X long, sizes 14-18, weighted.

  • Thread:  Olive or brown.

  • Tail:  Brown partridge hackle fibers.

  • Rib:  Optional, fine copper wire, counter-wrapped.

  • Abdomen:  Olive or brown ostrich herl.

  • Wing case:  Natural gray duck wing section.

  • Thorax:  Same as abdomen.

Tying Steps:

1. Mount the hook in the vise. Use the underbody direct wrap method to weight the thorax area of the hook shank. Advance the thread to the rear. Mount the partridge fibers on top of the hook shank and trim the excess.

2. Mount the ostrich herl at the rear tie-in position and trim the excess, Wind the thread forward to the middle of the hook shank.

3. Wrap the ostrich herl forward and secure at the tie-off position as shown. Do not cut the excess herl.

4. Cut a section from a duck wing that is wide enough to cover the thorax and coat it with Flexament. When dry, mount the section, with the dark side down, at the tie-in position shown. Advance the thread to the front of the hook.

5. Wrap the ostrich herl over the thorax area and secure it with 3-4 thread wraps. Trim the excess herl.

6. Pull the wing section forward over the thorax and secure it with 3-4 thread wraps. Trim the excess fibers, tie off the thread, and finish the head.

Ostrich Mayfly Nymph

Finished Fly. ~ JS

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