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Trico Spinner
Tricorythodes/Trico Spinner
By George E. Emanuel
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Tricorythodes/Trico Spinner

Last week we tied the Trico Dun. This week we will tie it's more popular stage the spinner. These are fished in the same water where we fish the dun. They are perhaps more productive than the dun. You do not want to miss a chance to fish a Trico spinner fall, it really gets the fish up and feeding. Since these are such small morsels the fish rise more frequently and for a somewhat longer time than they do on the larger mayflies.


    Hooks:  Mustad 94840 sz 18 to 26.

    Thread:  Black 12/0 or smaller.

    Thorax:  Black Seal Dubbing

    Wings:  Light Dun CDC

    Tail:  Dun Micro Fibbets

Tying Instructions:

1. Begin by laying a thread base from eye to bend.

2. Tie in the two Micro Fibbets. This can be done as we did with the dun last week, or you can do it as shown here. Create a small thread 'ball' and tie the Fibbets down just forward of the ball. It will cause the Fibbets to splay nicely.

3. Wrap a thin thread body to about 1/3 the hook shank behind the eye.

4. With two CDC feathers, with the tips even make a few fairly loose wraps to hold them onto the hook. Now holding the CDC by the butts gently pull on them until the wing is about one full body length long and tie down. Trim the butt side to the same length as you made the tip side.

5. Now dub a length of thread with black dubbing and tie in a fairly robust thorax. This should be done by figure eighting over the wing juncture.

6. Tie off and cement the head. Do any final trimming you want, and go fishing.

Fishing Suggestions:

These are small, and hard to see. Threading 7 or 8x tippet through the eye is a real joy with bloodshot eyes, but, the darn things just catch fish.

If you are a dry fly fisherman, and you want to fish in the days of summer, you must absolutely have Tricos in you box! They may well be the only game in town in many areas.

Tight lines! George E. Emanuel

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