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Iridescent Flashback Scud
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Iridescent Flashback Scud
Flies and Photos by Ronn Lucas Sr.
Milwaukien OR

This is a fairly easy pattern to tie in spite of all the parts. Should the Tyer wish to leave off the eyes and/or the tail and antennae, that's fine too.

Materials: Iridescent Flashback Scud

  • Hook:  Daiichi 1150 12-16.

  • Thread:  Olive or color to suit.

  • Tail, Antenna, Mouth Parts:  Green hackle fibers Weight as needed.

  • Rib:  Wire color to suit.

  • Eyes:  Green beads & mono or color to suit.

  • Shell:  FLASHBACK #110 thin ice or color to suit.

  • Body, Legs & Mouth Parts:  IRIDESCENT DUBBING #30 Olive or color to suit & pick out.

Tying Steps:

1. Tie on a tuft of hackle barbs for the tail, advance the thread in close tight turns to the eye and tie in a tuft of hackle barbs for the antennae.

2. Tie in some eyes, wrap a few turns of lead as needed, tie in rib at the rear of the fly and finally, tie in a strip of Thin Ice Flashback.

3. Make a dubbing loop and insert the dubbing, twist just enough to "capture" and hold the dubbing.

4. Wrap the dubbing forward. Take a turn over and between the eyes to create a 'forehead' and add a few dubbing fibers to the 'face' of the fly.

5. Pull the Flashback forward and bind down with one turn behind the head.

6. Wrap the rib forward, release the turn holding the Flashback and bind the rib to the top of the body.

7. Advance the thread to the front of the eyes and pull the Flashback forward, take one turn of thread.

8. While holding tension on the thread, pull the Flashback to the rear of the head, bind and tie off. Trim waste and pick out the dubbing. Trim dubbing in line with the hook point. ~ Ronn Lucas Sr.

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