Red Eye Damsel
By Morne Bayman (Morneb), Cape Town, South Africa

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This is a very productive pattern here in South African stillwaters. It also helps sometimes to use some thin lead wire (or substitute) to add some weight to the fly. Black or brown eyes also work well.


    Hook: 8 -12 4X Long
    Thread: Colour to match Abdomen
    Tail: Marabou tips
    Abdomen: Marabou colour to match tail.
    Thorax: Dubbing to match Abdomen
    Rib: Fine copper/gold wire
    Eyes: Red tuff Chenille


    Step 1. Attach thread to hook.

    Step 2. Attache chenille to front of hook and secure with figure of eight wraps.

    Step 3. Tie in ribbing material.

    Step 4. Tie in marabou tail with a pinch loop and take thread forward.

    Step 5. Wind the Marabou around the hook shank, but do not twist.

    Step 6. Tie off Marabou and clip off excess.

    Step 7 and 8. Secure the Marabou with the copper wire and to create segmentation. Spin a thin noodle of dubbing.

    Step 9. Wrap the dubbing around the eyes with a figure of eight wraps. Form a small head and whip finish. Trim eyes to length.

    ~ MB

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